Give Me a Sign: Photo Edits

Photographic edits to give the sculptures a sense of place

The light emerging through the cracks, the beauty of the broken, the discarded living up to a new potential. This project aims to illustrate the story of re-birth, and the possibility of the end bringing a fresh, new beginning into life. This collection of work became a way to explore and cope with the personal loss of a family member, and discover how something negative can be used to fuel a show of beauty, in memory and in an educational form, understanding grief and the possibility of an afterlife. Exploring the use of paper folding techniques, the re-birth of old/discarded work into new 3-dimensional forms displays a new life after what could have been the end for the 2-dimensional work it was formed from. Inspired by the story of ‘The Secret of the Dragonfly’, this work is aiming to give hope to those grieving, whilst also supplying an immersive escapism area, where the broken is free to fly. This project paved the way for an exploration across a wide range of multi-disciplinary art techniques, pulling apart 2-dimensional forms in order to change its dimensional value.
This response shows the delicacy, but also the poignancy of life and judgement, how one may see the end or the break of something, another may notice a growing potential. The urchins representing fragility alongside the fearful self defence of the wall of spikes, but also the inevitable break down/ decay of this wall, showing that beneath the surface, we are all one and the same.